ვიქსიკონი გვერდიდან


მხ.რ. quale, მრ.რ. qualia

  1. (არსებითი სახელი) (ფილოსოფია) თავისებურება, ხასიათი, (სუბიეტური, გამორჩეული ხარისხობრივი შეგრძნება, რაიმე ობიექტის აღქმაში)
    ◆ Setting aside for a moment the problem of qualia , what consciousness and self entails is actually remarkably well agreed upon.
    ◆ Some people argue about qualia , which is a term referring to the qualitative feel of consciousness.
    ◆ Which in itself is quite strange, the idea that one could have an identical experience, down to the last detail, down to the internal qualia,
    the exact interior frame of mind, emotions, a frame of consciousness duplicated with startling exactitude, that would be unsettling enough.

    ◆ He points out that our subjective experiences — our qualia — are the only thing each of us is really sure of, that all else is speculation.
ფონეტიკური ტრანსლიტერაცია IPA: [ˈkwɑ li]
მხ.რ. kwah-lee / მრ.რ. kwah-li ə

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